Ensuring our client’s brands shine
in the harshest of environments…

Succeeding in today’s rapidly evolving, highly competitive markets
means thinking relentlessly, strategically and creatively about how to engage
our clients’ brands. IVOX’s integrated team of marketing strategists, creative designers,
word gurus and web developers are builders of brand equity – specializing in
brand creation, evolution and market share acquisition.

Thinking instinctively, qualitatively, strategically,
right brained, left brained
and bottom-lined.

APEX, IVOX’s strategic development group, generates actionable insight and strategic direction to influence consumer behavior, maximize marketing ROI, and drive brand equity, culture and revenue

Brand Strategy • Marketing and Business Plans 

Where creativity, imagery and thought evoking copy leaves lasting impressions.

DEZINEX, IVOX’s brand concept and creative group, explosively fuses market intel, brand strategy, and consumer behavior with dynamic campaign concepts, persuasive copy and creative design to become the voice and identity of our clients’ brands.

Advertising Campaigns • Dynamic Copy
Creative Design • Public / Social Relations

Navigating a brand without knowing the consumer is like using a compass that only points south.

METRIX, IVOX’s market research and analysis group leverages market data, actionable industry insight and analytical prowess to optimize brand engagement, market share acquisition and client revenue.

Market Research • Metrics • Analytics • Market forecasting

A brand’s story is only as good as the story told and the response it evokes.

PROJEX, IVOX’s multi-media production group creates memorable, influential brand experiences. Our team of creative storytellers works with industry leading professionals to film, record and produce award winning campaigns that captivate, influence and drive brand conversion and loyalty.

Television • Radio and Multi-media commercial production

In a digital age of immediate gratification…
how effectively is your brand engaging?

WEBIX, IVOX’s website and social media development group creates websites and social media mediums to function as the hub of the consumer brand experience – ensuring the interactive experience is smooth, impactful and fulfilling. IVOX elevates brand engagement, consumer conversion, customer retention, SEO, SMO and social engagement.

Website Development • SEO • Social Media • SMO

If a brand’s image doesn’t resonate, than it’s just a blur.

They say a photo’s worth a thousand words… this is why IVOX hand selects the photographers we work with based upon the style, location and type of photography needed for our client’s projects.

Studio • Adventure • Action • Lifestyle • Nature • Architecture